About StaffGroove

StaffGroove is a product of Best Attendance, a leader in the online attendance software space. Best Attendance began by Joel Roggenkamp in 2003 when his Civil Air Patrol squadron needed a way to track training for Search And Rescue missions. It was originally released as a Windows Desktop application and moved online in 2011. Since then, the company has expanded to meet the needs of other markets, including education and health care.

StaffGroove started with that strong core and expanded to specifically meet the needs of the long term care industry. We spent over nine months working hand-in-hand with nursing homes before releasing the product so we could be sure it was perfect.

We pride ourselves on using only the very best modern software development practices, as well as working individually with our clients to ensure a seamless transition to the new software system.

StaffGroove was written specifically for the needs of the long term care industry.

Our other products serve the following markets:

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Meet the Team

Joel Roggenkamp, Founder

Joel holds degrees in Business Computer Information Systems and Business & Industry Education. He has ten years of experience spanning all segments of the software business, as well as five years of experience teaching at the high school, college, and graduate levels.

A Message From The Founder

Thank you for considering StaffGroove as an easier way to track in service education hours. Clients continually tell me that their employees love using it because they can just press a button and see who has and has not met their inservice requirements for any year. They also see alerts when an employee is close to their anniversary date and does not have enough hours yet. This makes scheduling and tracking in service training a lot easier than when they relied on a combination of Excel and handwritten notes.

My ultimate vision for the company is to make local communities stronger. We've already done that with our products for nonprofits and educational groups, and StaffGroove is another step along that journey.

In the days when all shopping is on Amazon, all movies are on Netflix, and all socializing is on Facebook, it seems like technology keeps people home. People can tend to focus inward. But strong local communities are what give us live music, volunteer opportunities, education, and a sense of belonging (not to mention health care). I believe that technology can be used make these local connections stronger. That's the ultimate goal.

Thanks again for considering StaffGroove - drop me a line any time if you want to chat!

Joel Roggenkamp, Founder, StaffGroove





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