Check in CNAs to training on any device

To check-in staff to a training class, set up a laptop, tablet, or even a smart phone in your training room and let your staff check-in as they arrive. You have the choice of multiple check-in methods on any device:


Use bar code scanners to easily check-in your stafff for trainings.


Use magnetic card readers to check staff into trainings using their staff identification cards.


Use the touch screen kiosks or the touch screens of iPads and phones to check staff into trainings.


Use the mouse and keyboard of a desktop computer to check-in staff to trainings.


Print and use sign-in sheets and then enter them into the software later.

See who has attended required training

Access basic attendance reports that show which classes each employee has attended.


See who has attended each required training class.


See a list of all classes that each employee attended.


Monitor staff progress towards annual training requirements

StaffGroove generates a powerful Staff Training Progress Report that lets you see at a glance who is at risk of not meeting their training requirements based on each employee´s own anniversary date. You´ll see how many days are left until the employee´s anniversary date, along with how many in-service hours the employee still has to complete. A quick look at this report will let you schedule required training so that you can maintain all in-service training requirements.


Alerts for upcoming license expirations and performance reviews

Never let another license lapse. Get notified before this happens and stay on top of performance reviews at the same time.

See training gaps for required topics

StaffGroove tracks attendance by topic and shows you if any of your CNAs have not attended state-mandated training topics. This report helps you make sure that everyone gets all of the training topics they need.


Complete historical compliance auditing for any year

The Training Completion Audit shows you how well your facility did for any given year. For any given calendar year, this report generates three separate lists:

Members who have fully met their in-service requirements

Members who have failed to meet their in-service requirements.

Members whose training was incomplete before their employment end date or whose training is still in progress.

This powerful report lets you monitor the health of your in-service training program year after year.

Easy to use, web based software

StaffGroove was designed with you in mind from the ground up. It is super easy for anyone to use, even if you are not a computer expert, and we´re always available to answer questions by phone. If you know how to open a web browser, you can use StaffGroove.


Lots of extras

StaffGroove ships with lots of little extras to make you even more productive.

Complete client database

StaffGroove is a complete employee database, letting you add custom fields to your employee records.

Database Import

Import your entire staff list from a spreadsheet, or let us do it for you for free.

Keep notes

Keep notes on any staff member.

Sections and shifts

Offer multiple sections of the same class so that employees can choose the one that coincides with their shift.

Recurring events

Create recurring events for any time interval.


Send group emails and text messages to any of your employees.

Complete attendance solution

In addition to in service training, you can use it for staff meetings, resident activities, and tracking volunteer hours. Separate your employees and volunteers into groups, and have group-specific calendars.

Software customization

You tell the software which topics are required and how many annual hours are required.

Share calendars

Share event calendars online with your entire organization.

Keeps reports safe

All reports can be printed for offline storage.

Data backup

Your data is your data. Get an immediate download of all your data by clicking a secure link.

Exporting made easy

Export, filter, and print mailing labels for your personnel directory.

Different user accounts

Create staff accounts for trainers, group leaders, and their administrators. You may also choose to allow employees to see their own training records.

SSL encryption

All traffic is sent over a fully secure SSL connection.

Secure storage facility

Your data is automatically backed up up to a secondary secure storage facility run by Amazon every night. We keep backups for at least 90 days.


Get immediate access to your 45 day free trial when you schedule a 20 minute phone + online demo.